Why are there residency requirements?
Since the Independence Foundation limits its funding area to Philadelphia and its surrounding Pennsylvania counties (Bucks, Chester, Delaware, Montgomery and Philadelphia counties), Fellowship recipients must reside within these boundaries.

I won a Fellowship two years ago, am I eligible to apply again?
Artists who have received fellowships in the past are eligible to apply again five years after their fellowship period ends.

I applied for a fellowship but did not receive one. Can I get feedback on the reviewers’ comments about my application?
In order for the Panel to discuss applications candidly, the review process must be kept confidential. We understand this is difficult for applicants, but the Foundation depends on the honest opinions of its advisory panels and therefore, we have agreed not to share specific feedback.

I did not receive a fellowship this year. May I apply again next year?
Of course! We encourage applicants to reapply.


Our organization has identified a couple of artists whom we feel would be great candidates for fellowships. Could we nominate both?
If you would like to nominate more than one artist, please contact the Foundation directly.

Our organization is involved in both the Performing and Visual Arts. Can we nominate in both grant cycles?
Yes, an organization such as yours that is involved in both areas may nominate artists in each cycle. Please contact the Foundation with questions about nomination requirements.

Our Executive Director is doing some outstanding work as an individual artist. May we nominate her for a Fellowship?
Nominees selected may or may not be affiliated with your organization, but should not be a full-time salaried employee. If you have questions about whether an individual is an appropriate candidate, please contact the Foundation directly.