“Nurses can and do make a significant difference in the lives
of people whom they are privileged to serve”
Vernice Ferguson, RN, MA, FAAN, FRCN


Independence Foundation believes that high quality, comprehensive primary care and related services result in better health, improved quality of life, reduction in health disparities, and lower costs to the health care system. Concerned about the difficulties experienced by many people in the Philadelphia region in accessing these services, the Foundation supports programs that improve accessibility. In addition, the Foundation is committed to improving the health care of older adults, who represent the fastest growing segment of the population and account for a disproportionate share of overall healthcare costs, through educational preparation of the nursing workforce and innovative clinical and community health programs. Funding within the health care initiative focuses on the following:

  • Existing nurse-managed health care centers undertaking capacity building projects to expand and/or improve the provision of primary care and related services
  • Programs that support health policies and/or infrastructure for nurse-managed and other safety-net health providers
  • Projects designed to inform health care-related planning
  • Clinical, community, and/or educational programs designed to improve the health of older adults