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  • Senior Attorney Sabbaticals:  Monday, 5/6/2024
  • Public Interest Law Fellowships:  Monday, 10/7/2024
Front door to Independence Foundation

Our Team

"Independence Foundation continues to assemble a remarkable group of leaders in both staff and board positions.  I have no idea how they do this so consistently, but they maintain a rotating group of hardworking, thoughtful and inspirational people working with and for the foundation.  I have been personally and professionally inspired by so many of the people in the Independence Foundation family.  Many of them have influenced my personal approach to the law and justice."

Meredith Rapkin, Executive Director, PA Innocence Project; 2004 Public Interest Law Fellow

Our Board of Directors

Hon. Phyllis W. Beck, Chair

Catherine C. Carr, Esq., Secretary

Derick Dreher, PhD, Assistant Secretary

Loree D. Jones-Brown

David Logan

Susan E. Sherman, President & CEO

Joyce Wilkerson


Our Staff

Phyllis W. Beck

Board Chair

Jennifer Bohnenberger

Chief Operating Officer & Director of Programs

Katherine Fritz

Administrative Associate

Heather McDanel

Senior Program Officer

Susan Sherman

President & CEO

Kate Tejada

Administrative Director and Board Liaison

Rose Tomlinson


Ann Torregrossa

Senior Program Officer