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  • Fellowships in the Arts - Performing:  Tuesday, 10/1/2024
  • Public Interest Law Fellowships:  Monday, 10/7/2024
Mural depicting equity and justice

Our Values

The following principles serve as important guidelines for Independence Foundation and reflect the values of our board and staff. We are aware of the immense responsibility we carry and the privilege we hold as philanthropists and want to ensure that our work reaches and benefits those in need through the prudent use of Foundation resources. We make a commitment to the community we serve that we will strive to uphold these values in all our decision-making.

Diversity, Equity, and Humanity

We celebrate diversity, in all its broad definitions. We know that our work, and the work of our grantees, is stronger when it is informed by a rich diversity of individuals, perspectives, viewpoints, and lived experiences.

We value people above systems, and we understand that underlying and historical systemic barriers have barred many individuals from equal access to opportunities and resources. We strive to understand and re-imagine those systems and support those people and programs whose work seeks to change them, thus enriching our collective humanity and increasing equitable access for all people.

Trust and Mutual Respect

We rely on the unique knowledge and experience of our grantees in making Foundation decisions on how to utilize grant money and resources to best address their needs. We trust their wisdom and approach all grantees as partners in a mutual and collaborative effort.

Intellectual Humility

We strive to create a culture of openness and learning among our grantees, and are adaptable and curious in our own thinking. We welcome the expertise and knowledge of others. We listen before we speak. We recognize the power that comes with our position as philanthropists and seek to understand and minimize the impact it may have on our honest and equal relationships with others.

Leadership Beyond Grantmaking

We appreciate our unique position to facilitate opportunities for sharing knowledge, creating connections and collaboration, and building leadership. We facilitate forums in which individuals engaged in meaningful work learn from one another. We share our knowledge freely and believe that shared knowledge is beneficial for all.