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  • Performing Arts Fellowships:  October 3, 2023
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Reentry, Recidivism & Restorative Justice

In 2021, Independence Foundation started a new funding stream around the effects of incarceration.  Often people who have been incarcerated and are released lack supports and services, struggle to find jobs and are often re-arrested and re-incarcerated. About two-thirds of people with a criminal conviction are re-arrested and more than half are re-incarcerated within three years of their release.



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Funding Focus:

The Foundation funds community-based organizations doing the following - either by directly assisting individuals, or working to change systems that cause or contribute to the harm addressed:  

  • Providing supports to families and individuals involved with and affected by the criminal justice system
  • Working to reduce the number of people who imminently face incarceration or a return to prison
  • Providing resources to formerly incarcerated individuals that help them become integrated and contributing members once they are released back into society
  • Working to reduce harm to families and neighborhoods caused by incarceration


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How to Apply

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