Upcoming Application Deadlines
  • Senior Attorney Sabbaticals:  Monday, 5/6/2024
  • Public Interest Law Fellowships:  Monday, 10/7/2024
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Public Interest Law Fellowships

The Independence Foundation Public Interest Law Fellowship program enables some of the best and brightest law school graduates to come to the Philadelphia area and obtain employment with a local organization that provides free legal services to the underserved.

About the Fellowship

In 1996, Independence Foundation established the Public Interest Law Fellowships.  Through the fellowship program, the Foundation funds the compensation and employment benefits for accomplished young lawyers who have decided to direct their considerable talents to public interest service.

Program Description

Fellows work for a sponsoring  legal services organization serving the disadvantaged whose work has been funded previously by Independence Foundation. The Foundation requires that the focus of all Fellowship work be on direct representation of disadvantaged clients. The Foundation also assists the Fellows in repayment of their often substantial educational loans.

Eligibility Requirements

Law school graduates, outgoing judicial law clerks and attorneys who are currently employed and who want to work in the public interest for a nonprofit legal services organization are eligible to apply for these fellowships. Application must be made within five years of law school graduation.

Have Questions?

For additional questions about the Fellowships, please contact us.