“You won't have peace and agreement in the world unless we're
connected by culture and art. Art transcends borders.”
Jozef Szajna, Polish director and Holocaust survivor


Independence Foundation believes in bolstering the well-being of the region by supporting a variety of opportunities for involvement and participation in the arts. Art plays a transformative role in society, one that enriches community and connects people.

The Foundation supports programs in the arts that enhance the common artistic spirit through creation or performance. To this end, Independence Foundation awards multi-year general operating grants aimed at strengthening organizations by supporting creative work and administrative capacity, based on community involvement, artistic merit, and leadership in the field.

In addition to providing general operating grants to local theatres, the New Theatre Works Initiative was launched to encourage the development and production of new theatrical work in the Philadelphia area. Independence Foundation also supports many larger cultural institutions in the region, believing that they contribute to making the Philadelphia area both culturally vibrant and economically healthy. Programs that connect the arts with non-traditional participants, and increase both access to and awareness of the arts, are of special interest to the Foundation.

As part of the Foundation’s commitment to recognize and support work by artists across the region, individual artists are funded in both the performing and visual arts through the Fellowships in the Arts program.